Our Country Comfort guest room is handicap accessible. Accessibility features include: a 36" door entrance. It has a low-lip shower with grab bars. Shower chair available upon request. The rest room has grab bars on the walls. The room is equipped with a hazard alarm for both sight and hearing impaired persons.

Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast provides a level unloading and loading surface close to the entrance. We provide a ramp for wheel chairs, walkers, etc and ground level entrance to three guest rooms. We have ample parking on level surface and surface with a slight incline. We are unable to provide covered passenger pick-up/drop-off areas.


We have a ramp to allow wheel chairs, walkers, etc. access to our patio which leads to our main entrance. Our accessible guest room is accessible at ground level and there is a route from the guest room to the main entrance, which includes a slight incline/decline and the ramp to the patio.

The main entrance is a double French door, which when both doors are open provides access for wheelchairs into our den and guest common area. The entrance door is not a fully automatic door. Our guest check-in area does not allow for a lowered counter of 36" or less.

Our interior routes leading to the guest common area is free of any steps or abrupt vertical changes over ¼ inch. Interior stairs are built so blind persons or persons with low vision cannot hit their heads on the underside of the stairs. Doorways entering accessible spaces allow a minimum of 32″ clear passage and contain hardware that is usable with one hand without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist.
There is a low, approx. 3 inch step, into the guest check-in area and main dining area. There is one step, approx. 6 inches, from our guest common area to our den. We are unable to provide an elevator at the Inn. There are no interior ramps nor corridors with door swings of a minimum of 54″ of clear floor space.

We do not have an accessible public restroom. However, our accessible Country Comfort Guest Room does have an attached accessible bathroom with shower.

Our food service area/main dining room is wheelchair accessible.