Kicking off 2019 With the 103rd Annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA!

December 11,2018

Pennsylvania Farm Show is an exciting and renowned event, taking the top spot as the United States' largest indoor agricultural show every year! The show will run for a total of eight days from January 5-12, 2019, and better yet, admission is free! (However, there is a $15 parking fee, so carpool with others and save yourself a couple bucks while being environmentally friendly... win-win!). Here at Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast we take a great interest in farm animals ourselves (we adore our chickens!) and we would love to host you during this event!

If you haven't had the honor of attending this family-friendly and fun-filled gathering in the past, we'll give you a basic overview of what to expect this time around.

There wouldn't be a farm show if there weren't any animals involved! One can expect to see over 6,000 different animals such as pigs, alpacas, horses, cows, goats, and more. 2018's Show boasted a live birthing experience and is set to do another showing this year. In addition to fascinating experiences such as these, there will multiple rabbit competitions such as Angorapalooza, the Celebrity Rabbit Hop, and the famous Rabbit Competition featuring seven new varieties of bunnies!

Competitions and contests are scattered among the eight day extravaganza and range from anything like cow milking contests to tractor square dancing! Farm animals and fresh vegetables will be judged in both adult and junior competitions as well, displaying the best of all of Pennsylvania's agriculture!

2018 was the inaugural year of the Hard Cider competition, and is set to make a comeback this year as it was such a hit! In addition, this year marks the first annual Craft Beer competition, which will highlight the best of Pennsylvania's rich craft beer culture and give the local breweries a chance to shine in the spotlight! (If you'd like to know more about this popular beer culture, check out our recent blog on the Cumberland County Beer Trail).

As expected, the food and drink served up at the Pennsylvania Farm Show will only be best in class cuisine! With the Food Court, PA Marketplace, and Culinary Connection events dispersed throughout the exhibition, there will be no shortage of meals and samples to try.

The Food Court is one of the most popular attractions of the entire show and showcases delicious Pennsylvania homemade wonders like pork sandwiches, maple cotton candy, deep-fried mushrooms, chili, blooming onions, trout chowder, whoopie pies, and so much more! Proceeds from these food stalls will go to Pennsylvania farming associations.

The PA Marketplace will showcase over 50 vendors displaying their unique food samples and snacks at special prices just for the Farm Show! Don't miss this opportunity to grab Pennsylvania-crafted candies, spices, meats, condiments, and beverages from these faithful vendors.

Culinary Connection events will present such things as cooking demonstrations, samples and displays, and more featuring Pennsylvania-local chefs and special guest stars! With each day being a different theme, it's something that must be checked out on a daily basis.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is such a huge event that we've barely even touched on how much is in store for us! Expect wonderful S.T.E.M. robotics displays, amazing farm equipment exhibitions, mouth watering local foods, and even a giant sculpture crafted in butter! (Yes, you read that correctly). Join us for all the fun and book now with us at Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast, only a 25 minute drive from the main event! We're sure you'll love this fan-favorite Show as much as we do. Have you attended before? Feel free to share your experiences with us!